So, you believe you can have your own Reality Show. Do you know what the Networks are looking for ? How do you get a meeting with a Hollywood or New York Production company? What Materials do you need to get their attention and stand out from the hundreds of submissions coming in per day? How much money does it cost to create and develop materials to be seen? How do get your Materials to the Decision-Makers? What Production Companies are good and which ones do you stay away from? Do you need an Agent, Manager and/or Lawyer?

Where do you start? Who helps you?

With more than 20 years experience in representing nationally and internationally known clients in the entertainment industry, Kathy Leigh Carter is also known as an Executive Producer who packages Talent with Production Companies for reality and scripted television shows. She is known for being Talent-heavy: starting with the individual talent or group of people and developing tv shows based around the Talent’s expertise and personality for Network shows. As an Executive Producer, she has been in deals with ITV, Bunim-Murray, 3Ball, Jupiter, Gurney, LMNO, Red Tail Media, Jane Street, Firecracker, Big Table, Trium, Burnett, Electus, Pilgrim and the list goes on. She is in direct contact with the Networks on a weekly basis.

Kathy has worked with Experts and Personalties in Law Enforcement (Police, Deputies, Border, CIA, Homicide Detectives), Military, Law (Prosecutors, Defense Attorneys), Automotive (Indy Car, Nascar, Mechanics), Restoration, Street Art, Graffiti Art, Food, Interior Design, Real Estate, Music (Country, Hip Hop), Alligator Hunters, Trail Guides, Exotic Animals, Vets, Pet Owners, Entrepreneurs, Hair, Beauty, Organization, Landscape, Comedy, Clean-up, Suicide Prevention, Hospitality, Bar Owners, Restaurant Owners, Actors, Wrestlers, Breakers, Hosts, Archeologists, Welders, Toy Makers, Philatelists, Beauty Pageant Contestants, Drag Queens, and more.

Hourly Consultation: $250 per hour.

For Reality Show Experts and Personalities, subjects include: How the Business works, Creating and Developing Pitch Materials for Production Companies and Networks (Deck, Expert Videos), Social Media and Brand discussion.

*Editor is an additional $65 per hour.

For Actors, subjects include: Resume, Bio, Choice of Pictures, Brand discussion.