Kathy L. Carter provides Personal Consultation to individuals and groups who want to build a Reality TV Show career. Kathy can also create and develop materials or streamline existing materials required to pitch Networks and Production Companies for your own Reality Show.


Sizzle Reel: This is a very low-cost video reel that is much less expensive than hiring a camera and audio guy to shoot a professional reel that generally costs between 5k-10k or more. Because Kathy has established contacts with her 20+ years in the Business, the Production Companies and Networks will accept a 2-3 minute Skype or cell phone edited reels as an introduction to the Expert/Talent. The number of Sizzle Reels created depends on the number of different Network Mandates and/or Production Company brands where the Talent/Expertise could be utilized. If multiple Sizzle Reels need to be created, Kathy will utilize most of the same material to cut down on time and expense. Kathy will visually edit the reel and forward notes to the video editor to cut and put into order along with title cards and any written descriptions or pictures to be inserted into the reel. These Sizzle drafts usually go back-and-forth two or three times before there is a final product.

Deck: A Deck is a written format of the show along with Expert/Talent bios of all potential cast members. Pictures are included of the Expert/Talent and if pertinent, before-and-after pictures. A Deck can be between 6-25 pages, depending on the number of Experts/Talent. The number of Decks created depends on the number of different Network Mandates and Production Companies that will be pitched. Most of the same material would be utilized in additional Decks to cut down on time and expense.

Note regarding number of Sizzle Reel and Decks for different Network and Production Company Mandates: With an Expertise, there is usually a finite number of Networks and Production Companies where the Expert/Talent will be right, so these tweeks in number of Experts/Talent or tone are quick because the bulk of the Sizzle is used.

Once the Materials are finished, Kathy is now responsible as an Executive Producer for:

Phone calls and Emails to Networks and Production Companies with the Deck and Sizzle: no charge.

Following up on those Phone calls and emails to Networks and Production Companies: no charge.

Setting up Meetings at interested Networks and Production Companies for Kathy and the Expert/Talent to attend together: no charge.

Consulting the Expert/Talent on how the meeting will be run and any meeting specifics to that Network and / or Production Companies: no charge.


Kathy’s hourly fee is $250. Standard amount of time to create the Deck and Sizzle is 2-3 hours. A $500 deposit via PayPal is due before Kathy begins on the materials. If there are additional people to incorporate (eg. ensemble cast) or it just takes more time to gather information or create materials, Kathy will give the Expert/Talent the proposed amount of time for pre-approval.

Kathy and Gordon Loney (Video Editor) have worked together for 18 years. He knows what is necessary for this process to work. So, good news … it’s a fast process. Gordon is $65 per hour and completes the Reel within 2-3 hours.


An Introductory 15-minute Phone Call is no charge. Travel TBA.

To begin working on Materials, Kathy will need an Executive Producer Attachment Agreement signed.